No More Light

03/08/2024 / Survivor
PaRa51 and Invictus joins their forces to develop this immersive Post Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Survival game for PC and Next Gen Console platforms. 'No More Light' is an EPIC MEGAGRANTS RECIPIENT title made in Unreal Engine 5.

About Invictus

02/22/2024 / Announcement

Invictus is designing and developing games for PC, XBox X/S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Invictus is located in Hungary, Europe and is the oldest and still active game development studio of the region, company founded in 1999.

Among the more than 50 games, during Invictus' 25 years history, our studio has been known for the following key titles: 1nsane (PC), Street Legal Racing Redline (PC), Level-R / Project Torque (PC), Froggy Jump (iOS, Android), Race Of Champions (iOS, Android), Ridge Racer Slipstream (iOS, Android), PAC-MAN Friends (iOS, Android), Daytona Rush (iOS, Android), Dustoff Heli Rescue series (iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch), Give It Up! series (iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch), NASCAR Rush (iOS, Android), Flaaklypa Grand Prix (PC, Nintendo Switch)

Since its establishment, Invictus has worked together with numerous global partners such as Codemasters, Activision, Disney, Gamigo, iDreamSky and Bandai Namco.

Flåklypa Grand Prix is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

10/21/2021 / Racing
SteamNintendo Switch
Norway’s best-selling video game of all time is back – now in 3D!  
Time to revisit the small mountain village of Flåklypa!

Flåklypa Grand Prix is finally making a grand comeback in full 3D, beautifully recreated in Unreal Engine.
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